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Optimize Operations, Compliance, and Growth in the Life Sciences Sector

Meet your regulatory and compliance requirements with Dynamics 365 Business Central and Tecvia's Life Sciences ERP Software

The life sciences sector presents a dynamic and challenging landscape, marked by ever-changing demands. With ever evolving strict regulatory requirements, ensuring compliance throughout you processes day to day, intense global competition, adaptability and exceeding customer expectations are paramount for success.

If your business is still reliant on outdated tools like Excel spreadsheets, disparate departmental systems, or traditional paper-based processes, your competitors might already be gaining an edge. It’s crucial to embrace an integrated validation ready life sciences ERP solution designed specifically for the intricacies of the life sciences industry.

Introducing Dynamics 365 Business Central, a cutting-edge ERP solution by Microsoft. When implemented and supported by Tecvia, you’ll harness industry-specific expertise and specialized add-ons tailored for life sciences. Benefit from features like barcode scanning, EDI, Quality Control, Enhanced Lot/Batch Management, and Traceability, among others.

We’ve partner with industry leaders to ensure you get a validation ready ERP which has been developed according to GAMP 5 and meets the requirements of GMP, UDI, MDR and the FDA.

Empower your business to thrive in the ever-evolving life sciences sector. Contact us today to explore how Dynamics 365 Business Central, customized for your industry, can revolutionize your operations.

Dynamics 365 Business Central provides solutions for the following challenges:

Supply Chain Management icon

Supply Chain Management

As an integrated life sciences ERP solution you can manage the entire supply chain from Purchase Orders to Sales Orders and everything in the middle. Track and maintain receipt and delivery dates and manage everything using production (MPS) and material requirements planning (MRP).

Cost Control Icon

Cost Control

Rising inflation and prices are hurting your bottom line. Gain control of your costs from suppliers, manufacturing costs and finally distribution and dispatch. Understanding your costs effectively will enable you to make informed decisions about product pricing and ultimately protect your profit margins.

Safety, Regulations and Quality

Using a tried and tested ERP sets the foundation for transparency and tracability from stock receipts to dispatch including quality control throughout the entire process. Making it easier to comply with regulations (MDR, UDI, GMP and FDA) and ensure you have compliance and quality control as a top priority.

User comment:

Tecvia are now an integral part of our business. We work in close partnership, and that has only happened because of the trust and relationship that has been built up over the implementation process. They have listened to us and provided us with tailored recommendations and support. They are a transparent, forward-thinking, straight-talking team, using easy-to-understand language and are on the end of the phone whenever we need them

Key Features specifically for Life Sciences ERP

Tecvia’s ERP solutions for the life sciences sector are intricately crafted to support the complex and regulatory-intensive nature of this sector. Our life sciences ERP software integrates essential business operations such as finance, order management, manufacturing, purchasing, warehouse management, electronic signatures, and reporting into a seamless and efficient system. Tecvia’s life sciences ERP software is not just a tool but a strategic partner, enabling your business to navigate the complexities of the life sciences sector with confidence and efficiency.

Finance Icon


Manage all your finances from management accounts to fixed assets and invoice to cash, you’ll always be on top of your financial management.

Order Management icon

Order Management

Manual orders and Integrated EDI allowing you to trade and keep up with demand from your customers. No need to key in information if can be done via an integration.

Manufacturing icon


Manage and execute your production processes efficiently. Multi-level boms, routings, material availability, production and capacity planning. Take things a step further with integrated Shop Floor Data Capture.

Purchasing icon


Create and manage Purchase Orders, track receipt dates to take control of stock availability. Use OCR for Purchase Invoice creation and matching.

Warehouse Management icon

Warehouse Management

From goods in to dispatch and everything in the middle, take control of your stock and the entire process. Lot and Serial tracking built in with full traceability. Take things further with integrated barcode scanning.

Reporting icon


Bookmark and schedule reports as you need, export data to Excel and use the capabilities of Power BI to create dashboards and interactive reports.

Always Up to Date icon

Always Up To Date

Setup and define quality control points throughout the entire process. Ensure the right products are quality checked and released to the next stage on demand.

Reporting icon

Electronic Signatures

Comply with FDA regulations for Electronic Signatures. Request signatures, sign and review completed signings. All held within the ERP and easily found.

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