Case Study: Harrisons Sauces

Case Study: Harrisons Sauces

BI (Europe) Limited is a UK-based condiment manufacturer that produces high-quality sauces under the brand name Harrison Sauces.

The company is proud of its 89-strong workforce, who work together to ensure the highest standards of production and service, while also prioritising the safety of their employees and the wider community.


Although the business’s current ERP system was functioning, it was evident that it would not be a viable long-term solution as the company expanded its operations. The system had been in place for a while and had reached its functional capacity, lacking many of the capabilities of other ERP systems.


The business had identified Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as a potential solution and were looking for a partner who could work with them on the implementation, and personalisation and provide ongoing development and support services.

Operations Director Priyan K Dhutia explained further “We extensively looked at the market before making any decisions, and Tecvia stood out as a potential partner that understood where we were currently and where we wanted to get to. We specifically only wanted the elements of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that were relevant to our operation now but wanted to have the option to develop it further as our needs increased.”


Following the implementation process, a two-year development programme is ongoing to meet the business’s growing needs.

“Tecvia are now an integral part of our business. We work in close partnership, and that has only happened because of the trust and relationship that has been built up over the implementation process. They have listened to us and provided us with tailored recommendations and support. They are a transparent, forward-thinking, straight-talking team, using easy-to-understand language and are on the end of the phone whenever we need them” states Priyan.

Tevica Managing Director Vaseem Ali comments “We enjoy working with the BI (Europe) team. Seeing how as a business they have thoroughly embraced the solution, and the fact that they can already see the benefits, has been very rewarding. The ongoing development programme adding new features and tailoring those to their specific needs is further evidence of their commitment to the solution and how it has become instrumental to their business.”

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With a focus on producing delicious and versatile sauces, the Harrison Sauces range includes popular flavours such as Tomato Ketchup, Mayonnaise, and BBQ, which are available in a wide variety of sizes to meet the needs of their diverse customer base.

Catering to the wholesale market, large restaurants, takeaway chains, and food distributors, Harrison Sauces is committed to delivering exceptional products that are suitable for a range of applications. From individual sachets for on-the-go consumption to catering-size bottles for bulk food preparation, their sauces are designed to meet the specific needs of their customers.

Visit Harrisons Sauces for further information on their products, or to discuss your ERP business solution needs, contact the Tecvia team

Picture of Author: Vaseem Ali

Author: Vaseem Ali

Vaseem ("Vas") is the Founder & CEO of Tecvia Ltd. He began his career as a Business Central Consultant over seven years ago.

Since, he's implemented hundreds of solutions across businesses throughout the UK, including many recognised household brands - even featuring in a video case study produced by Microsoft.

To connect with Vas, find him on LinkedIn.

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