Microsoft Price Increases for Cloud Products

Microsoft Price Increases for Cloud Products

From 1st April 2023, there will be pricing changes for Microsoft cloud services, and for those companies within the UK, these costs will increase by 9%.

Microsoft has made the changes to realign their prices globally affected by exchange rates differences in currencies against the US dollar (USD) and will apply to orders of their product from 1st April onwards.

Customers with existing contracts and outstanding product orders will be covered by the licensing agreements in place when ordered and will apply up to the point of the renewal. At this point Tecvia will contact customers individually to advise of the renewal costs based on their specific products and for the length of the licensing term i.e. one or multiple years.

New and additional products purchased will be subject to the new pricelist.

Moving forward Microsoft will establish a centralised process in which currency fluctuations and potential pricing adjustments relative to the USD will be assessed and evaluated twice a year. This simplified structure will provide increased transparency and predictability for customers, irrespective of their location, and will provide a more consistent pricing model that is the most common in our industry.

Nadia Ali, Chief Services Officer at Tecvia commented on the increase “we want to assure our customers that Microsoft remains deeply committed to the success of its users, and at Tecvia we will continue to invest to enable customers to innovate and help run their business smoothly and successfully”.

For further information or to discuss your business’s licensing structure, please contact us

Picture of Author: Vaseem Ali

Author: Vaseem Ali

Vaseem ("Vas") is the Founder & CEO of Tecvia Ltd. He began his career as a Business Central Consultant over seven years ago.

Since, he's implemented hundreds of solutions across businesses throughout the UK, including many recognised household brands - even featuring in a video case study produced by Microsoft.

To connect with Vas, find him on LinkedIn.

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